My Marketing Matters

Terms and Conditions

  1. You are 100% responsible for the accuracy of your artwork and personal mailing lists. Please proofread all submitted files carefully.
  2. Quoted turnaround times start when we receive a proof approval for all print and mail jobs. Design quoted turnaround times will start when we have all of the information and/or files to start the design.
  3. All orders confirmed after 2:00 p.m. will be processed the following business day. Total turnaround time is highly dependant upon customer response time. A holiday can add 1-2 business days to the production turnaround time.
  4. All customers that use our mailing service must specify, on their submitted order request form, what should be done with any leftovers. If nothing is requested we will automatically recycle all leftovers.
  5. All materials we create in producing your marketing materials are the property of Marketing Matters. These materials will NOT be sold or given to any other party. We reserve the right to distribute free samples of your postcard.
  6. You certify that you own the rights to use the logo(s) or any other information or artwork provided to Marketing Matters for the creation of your marketing materials. You will not hold Marketing Matters liable for any copyright infringement for the creation of any marketing materials for you.
  7. Marketing Matters must either have a valid credit card or a check before any order can be started. All customers can keep money in an escrow account held by Marketing Matters.
  8. All customers must fill out an order request form in order to have their job processed. If you need a form it can be found on our website:
  9. Marketing Matters will not be held responsible for delivery of any job that has been dropped at the United States Postal Service. Postal turnaround times will vary greatly and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to seek an explanation or reimbursement from the United States Postal Service for any job delivery issues.
  10. My Marketing Matters will not be held responsible for scuffing, melting and other incidental damage that might occur to your piece as it goes through the postal system. Incidental damage while not common can happen from time to time as the mail is processed by the post office.
  11. All jobs have to be approved within 7 days of receiving your proof. If it is a design job and you need changes made, the changes should be sent via email within 7 days of receiving your proof.
  12. Any job not approved or canceled will be subject to a $25 cancellation charge plus any design or handling charges accrued.
  13. Again, THANK YOU for your order!